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Dry Cleaners and Alterations Price List

Dry Cleaners Alterations Price List

Are you looking for Dry Cleaners Alterations Price List? Here we inform you about Dry Cleaners Alterations Price List that might useful for you. These prices are averages from several Dry Cleaners and Alterations Services we have collected. Therefor the real prices for Dry Cleaners and Alterations services may be more expensive or may be less.

Alterations Price List

Alter Waist$ 16.78
Alter Length – Pants$ 14.31
Alter Length – Skirt$ 18.22
Alter Sleeves – Sport Jacket$ 19.30
New Zipper – Pants$ 16.78
New Zipper – Skirt$ 16.78

Our catalog for repair works & changes is comprehensive.
Added fees exist for cuffs, linings, vents & flexible, along with two-way, lengthy and also relatively easy to fix zippers.

dry cleaners alterations price list

Drycleaning Price List

Pants$ 6.93
Skirt$ 6.93
Sweater$ 6.70
Blouse/Shirt$ 6.93
Sport Jacket/Blazer$ 7.15
2 Pc. Suit$14.08
Tie$ 4.81
Dress 1 Pc./2 Pc$14.08
Outer Light Jacket$10.75
Outer Coat$13.14
Outer 3/4 Length Coat$14.53
Outer Full Length Coat$17.05

These are base rates for textiles such as woollen as well as polyester.
There are surcharges for:
  • fragile textile such as silk & rayon
  • difficult textile such as cotton & linen
  • fancy trims such as beads, sequins & leather

Shirt Laundry Price List

Shirt, on hanger$ 2.70
with a Military Crease$ 3.10
with a Crease Sleeves$ 2.92
Shirt, in a box$ 3.15
Tuxedo Shirt$ 3.46
Fatigue Set/BDUs$ 10.80
Fatigue Shirt$ 5.40
Fatigue Pants$ 5.40

Washed tee shirts have to appear-- no ruffles, shoulder pads. stickers, and so on-- and also be made from cotton or polyester. There is a cost for handpressing if a t-shirt is also huge or also little to fit on the automated tee shirt press.

Household Items Price List

Bedspread$ 23.40
Blanket$ 20.61
Quilt$ 24.61
Comforter$ 26.01
Wash & Fold Laundry (per lb. – 10 lb min)$ 1.48

These rates are for complete dimension things, without tax obligation. There are service charges for queen & king size, along with down-filled products.

We do RELEASE small repair services with cleansing, such as a loosened button or little seam.
Thankyou for reading the article Dry Cleaners and Alterations Price List. We do hope the article Dry Cleaners and Alterations Price List useful for you.

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